Duty Phone 0423 466 286 coordinator.robinaclc@gmail.com



Our volunteers enjoy the RCLC experience for many different reasons, including:

  • To give something back
  • Helping Gold Coast’s battlers
  • Mixing and socialising with colleagues and law students
  • Networking with lawyers in other practice areas

Please ask one of our volunteers or drop in of a Thursday evening and see for yourself.


Please Email Us your interest to volunteer at the Robina Community Legal Centre.

Volunteer lawyers require a current Queensland practising certificate and in particular we are looking for local legal practitioners with experience in:

  • Family, Domestic and Family Violence
  • Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Employment
  • Crime, Domestic and Family Violence
  • Migration
  • Micro Business

The Queensland Law Society issues members free CLC-only certificates for admitted solicitors that wish to volunteer at a community legal centre.  Please contact the QLS for further information.

FAQ’s and specific questions are all answered at volunteer induction / orientation.

We encourage local practitioners to sign up for Membership too.


Law students, please contact your university careers / placement officer about volunteering with RCLC.