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Clients Served 2014

Clients Served 2015

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The Robina Community Legal Centre Inc (RCLC) commenced service in February 2014 and is now a medium-tier CLC.

The objects of our association are—-
(1) To facilitate the local legal profession provide pro bono publico services;
(2) To provide a free and accessible legal service;
(3) To provide referral to and collaborate with appropriate agencies;
(4) To promote holistic legal education of intending future legal practitioners;
for the benefit of the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the Gold Coast Community.

Even as an all-volunteer, unfunded community legal centre, it now plays a significant role in the collective mission of Gold Coast community legal centres: delivering free, frontline legal advice and referral services to the vulnerable and disadvantaged – pro bono publico.

Our volunteers provided 649 client advice sessions in 2014, 857 in 2015 and now with a much bigger room and 9 advice desks, has provided 1,353 advices in 2016.  Practitioners supported by law students advise 32 + clients per Thursday evening on average.

RCLC is a community legal centre in the true sense of the word “community”. It is an initiative of the Gold Coast District Law Association (GCDLA) and grew out of the Association’s identification of the very high need for free, frontline legal advice services on the Gold Coast and a strong desire by members of the Gold Coast legal profession to volunteer their time and expertise to meet that need. RCLC is closely associated with the Schools of Law at Bond and Griffith University; law student volunteers are integral to our operations.

We operate from rooms in the Gold Coast Community Centre, 196 Robina Town Centre Drive, on reduced rent from the Gold Coast City Council. We mix with the many other users of that facility and enjoy a diverse range of partnerships in the community. Without these partnerships, the RCLC initiative simply would not have been possible.

  • Family and Domestic Violence 41% 41%
  • Civil (Debt, Bankruptcy) 32% 32%
  • Crime 8% 8%
  • Other (Tenancy, Employment, Micro Business, Migration) 19% 19%
  • Financially Disadvantaged 49% 49%
  • Children and Youth 16% 16%
  • Single Parents 12% 12%
  • Other Priority Need 33% 33%

RCLC is a member of Community Legal Centres Queensland (CLCQ) since inception and since December 2014, is an accredited community legal centre with the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC).

In its operations RCLC has strongly demonstrated its ability to deliver free, front-line legal advice and referral services to the greater Gold Coast community, especially its southern region. For an all-volunteer unfunded start-up, RCLC has had astonishing success at providing these services to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the community.

All of our clients are assessed in the Intake Form procedure as priority need persons, by reference to at least one of the Commonwealth Eligibility Principles:


  • children and young people (up to 24 years)
  • financially disadvantaged people
  • Indigenous Australians
  • older people (aged over 65 years)
  • people in custody and prisoners
  • people experiencing, or at risk of, family violence
  • people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness
  • people residing in rural or remote areas
  • people who are culturally and linguistically diverse
  • people with a disability or mental illness
  • people with low education levels, and
  • single parents.